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Guy Yehiav: The Full Story

Guy Yehiav is an entrepreneur at heart. In addition to executing two successful exits, he orchestrated for employees and investors at Demantra and Profitect, Guy was also instrumental in the turnaround of Oracle’s supply chain go-to-market from 2006 to 2010. Throughout his career, Guy has continuously generated real value for large and small customers across multiple industries including CPG, retail, complex manufacturing, healthcare, electronics, and more. 

​At his core, Guy believes that people are the drivers of organizational success. It starts with guiding employees to generate value for the company, as well as guiding prospective customers to generate value for themselves.  It’s this understanding of how to make a positive impact on people and their careers that enables Guy to get the most from the organizations he supports.

Guy Yehiav CEO

With Guy’s guidance and expertise, you will learn about your company’s ability to grow and create exit options that provide value to your employees and investors.

In his current role, Guy is the General Manager of Zebra Analytics, where he sets the organic and non-organic growth, M&A, leadership strategy, and customer success for the Zebra Analytics business unit. Prior to Zebra Analytics, Guy served as the CEO of Profitect before it was acquired by Zebra Technologies in 2019. A 25-year veteran of the supply chain industry, he has held multiple senior leadership positions at Oracle and was a founder/executive board member of Demantra (acquired by Oracle in 2006).

Guy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science & Industrial Management from Shenkar College of Israel, and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Babson College. He is originally from Israel, but spent 4 years in Belgium before moving to Massachusetts — a place he’s called home for the past 22 years. He is trilingual in English, French and Hebrew, which enables him to work with a diverse range of clients from Israel, Europe, APAC and the United States while taking the needs of different cultures into account. 

Guy can work privately through personal consultation about how to grow your company and find the best actions and alternatives for you, your employees and your investors.

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