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Guy Yehiav

The Journey
To Grow


CEO Profitect

Let me help you with your odds.

According to the Small Business Administration, 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years of their conception, 50% during the first five years, and around 70% during the first 10 years.

Why? Because of poor planning and not linking execution with the strategy.

I'm here to help you take actionable steps to ensure your company is built for longevity. Let's work together and boost your odds. 


Working with Guy was a true pleasure. His ability to build consensus across multiple VC's while maintaining focus illustrated his ability to collaborate effectively. His communication to the Board on asset status, needs, and goals was critical to maximizing our return on investment. Carefully managing the available funds, Guy was able to achieve double digit growth by orchestrating a management team that remained committed to executing on the vision. More importantly, he truly had his shareholders, customers, and employees at heart. This ultimately culminated with his leadership of the M&A process which led to a successful exit that benefited all shareholders.

David Schwab

 Founder and Managing Director at Vertical Venture Partners


Board meeting image

Board Seat

With 25 years of expertise in complex supply chain, retail and CPG combined with building world-class tech companies like Demantra and Profitect, Guy can help elevate your company to new heights as a director or an adviser. He is experienced in strategic plans, implementing turnaround initiative and executed financial rounds. Guy also worked to grow Oracle Demantra to a world class solution as part of a larger corporate entity.

Venture Capital / Private Equity portfolio review

Building and growing companies is Guy's passion. He understands how to create a culture of innovation and inclusion while embracing new customers and verticals for success. Guy can help make it a reality. Guy was instrumental with M&A at both Oracle and recently at Zebra Technologies. No matter what exit you envision for your portfolio

Venture Capital Private Equity Yehaiv
Yehiav Speaking

Public Speaking

Guy has been a guest speaker on a variety of supply chain, entrepreneurship, and professional selling topics at Northeastern, MIT, and Babson College. He has also given keynote speeches on supply chain digitalization and advanced data analytics.

Auditing Your Supply Chain

After over 25 years of leading supply chain planning, demand-driven supply networks and supply chain execution for some of the largest companies in the world, Guy has seen it all.

If you need someone to identify the root cause of your supply chain latency or guide your analytical team, he is here to help.

Let’s chat about the KPIs you would like to improve! 

Yehiav Supply Chain Auditing Fixing


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